Monday, August 25, 2008

Game manuals download

For those looking for replacement game manuals for various game consoles... Here is site you might find interesting. Meekeo allows you to download game manuals you may have lost.

An interesting website for gamers, I have myself found two instruction books I was looking for for years.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fitness centers for women, the many alternatives...

We all know the famous Curves fitness centers for women or the YMCA Health Fitness & Recreation centers. Well I know it too. I can't say that their programs don't work cause they do. I just want to bring on the point that those famous fitness centers are often too expensive. For same results and even better, you can get much more for your money with alternatives to those gyms. I drop down here a list of some gym franchises I think that are good and even great alternative to previous ones.

*A blog post on SWANN centers (

They are many other ones but those ones are good ones I know. Take care of your health and your wallet's health ;)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hazmat training [ Hazardous Materials ]

Just a little post for firefighters.

Hazmat training, hazmat for "hazardous Materials", is a must have for firefighters.

I invite Quebec province firefighters to register to this training.

You'll find information on this site (

HAZMAT Technician 1

Knowing how to apply first response procedures and techniques learned when encountering a situation involving hazardous materials. Preparation of workplace and identification of involved substances including leak control. (found on

HAZMAT Technician 2

Our Hazmat Technician course is specifically designed to familiarize the student with procedures and techniques applied to control a spill or to seal a leak on large containers. (found on

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That's all. I don't have much time today. So long!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey! hey! New blog, new topics!


Well an other blog on the web an well... I'll try to tell you about some interesting stuff. I think I'll go first with some not so new product that I saw last time I went training. In fact it's an exercise machine with no guiding rods, weight stacks, pulleys, extra parts for weight stacks, lot of cables and hooks. Of course I quickly saw it was not traditional hydraulic equipment. All the circuit training equipment I was loking at was based on air compression.

I did my works and searched on Google to learn more about air fitness exercise equipment. I have foud a lot of information on various commercial exercise equipment and I particularly found this website intersting. ( Lot of workout machines and strenght training equipment are listed here on this site :

I drop down some links here for those looking for air fitness machine.
Hop you'll enjoy!

1. commercial exercise equipment : commercial exercise equipment.
2. gym fitness equipment : gym fitness equipment. (interesting for gyms owners)
3. ab exercise machine : ab exercise machine. (many other body parts training machines available)